Techniques to overcome emotional sensitivity.

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Today I’d like to share techniques to overcome emotional sensitivity.There are times, when we do become more vulnerable, unprotected emotionally or simply overwhelmed with daily tasks and responsibilities that on the long run eventually will shake our reality. It can be a result of:

  • Complicated work project that requires extra involvement into it
  • Motherhood with more than one kids and no outside help involved
  • New baby followed up by sleepless nights, baby’s development stages that come all together with mood swings, constant necessity of you being nearby and many, many more
When all that is topped up with household chores, some social commitments, constant learning affords it can easily BURN US OUT. That’s the time when we need to limit our physical and emotional involvement and stop focusing our energy and time on consuming, unnecessary stuff.

So what techniques can we use to avoid or minimise possibility of Burnouts as much as possible? Here are verified techniques to overcome emotional sensitivity that indeed work:

  1. Quit toxic online groups or groups that make you feel uncomfortable.
  2. Minimise interactions with toxic people or people that make you feel “small”.
  3. Remove yourself from unnecessary conversations trying to prove or explain something to someone. Save your time and energy for “your” important stuff
  4. Optimise your home routines by helping yourself keep things tidy at the first place and avoid a few hours of de-cluttering later on
  • Never leave your place empty handed (grab that tea mug, snack wrap, etc)
  • Try keeping your dishwasher unloaded and add all dirty dishes directly to it as they appear
  • Throw away everything that you weren’t using for a long time or store it in the separate box and if still unused for the next 6 month, then definitely, get rid of it. Do that in every room of your house.
  • Invest in equipment that saves your time (handy and compact Dyson vacuum cleaner, quality hair dryer that does its work in minutes, review your kitchen equipment and have only worth having pieces)
  • De-clutter your living areas (resell, donate, giveaway all unnecessary furniture pieces, decorating accents and everything that doesn’t make you happy anymore and simply collects dust). You will be surprised how much time it saves while cleaning.
  • Organise your living by dedicating each item its own place. That’s a golden rule of tidy house.
  1. Do not overthink situations and conversations that already happened to you. If some of those made you feel uncomfortable, make a conclusion and simply try to not repeat the very same pattern in future.
  2. Address friends that are the best to discuss your specific feelings when you seem like there is no more room inside of you. When you need to share or ask for an external opinion, advice or even a shake up. Just choose wisely to avoid aggravation of your inner state.
  3. Plan ahead your meals. When this subject is taken care of tons of extra stress are removed from our shoulders. Consider meal prep for the work week techniques, order hot lunches at school 1-2 times per week, and find a great place where you can buy freshly cooked meals for the entire family once –twice a week. Depending on your budget, try to do anything that will minimise unnecessary shopping and total time spent in the kitchen.
  4. Truly believe, that this overwhelming period of your life is a temporary matter. Clear understanding that it isn’t infinite really helps to keep yourself and things around under control.
  5. Accept help when offered. We don’t have to be super people at all the times sacrificing simple things like rest for a prolonged periods of time. Share with your spouse, friends during overcrowded stages of your life and accept simple help they can provide. And REST, as car can’t go too far without fuel/power.
  6. Stick and focus on your family! Those are “your people”. Leave the rest for better times when overwhelming period of your life is successfully surpassed.

Hope you’ll find useful these techniques to overcome emotional sensitivity.




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  1. 1

    What a great article for 2020 and 2021 years and conditions we are all forced to live in. With all challenges and limitations we have to go through.
    Thank you for great tips that help bringing myself to a better state.

    • 2

      Thank you Adam! Knowing that someone could beneficiate of it warms my heart. These days will pass…we need to believe in this and find any possibility to feel better and enjoy things surrounding us. Even little ones we stopped noticing in our day to day life.

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