My Pregnancy Journey Part Two


The beginning of my pregnancy journey I described in “Hello, My Second Time Pregnancy!” article. Today, I’d like to continue telling about it and share my feelings, thoughts and inner states during it. 

… I realized that I am actually EXPECTING A BABY and all this is REAL during the ultrasound #2. That’s when it really hit me! That’s when I got a solid thought in my mind: “I am pregnant”. And there, on a screen is my baby, our baby, our new family member. Wow! And still, at that moment, it only was my inner realization. I wasn’t ready at all to share it with anybody or even say it loud, I should say. I needed some time for this news to be ONLY ours, only between me
and Serj.

We thankfully accepted the biggest gift and carefully, slowly breathing decided to carry it for a while only in our family universe.

After a while, we shared the news with our close friends and received as much support as I only could dream about. Happiness for our news, baby goods and help offering, constant support like a waterfall flowed into our lives. I can’t explain and express how thankful I am to everyone who opened their hearts towards our new life’s event. I am already showered with almost all necessary stuff till our baby is 6-month-old along with boxes of beautiful maternity cloth. Therefore, my shopping was minimal and the most expensive and important purchase made by us was a stroller. But, have to mention, that my hands were still itching, and I did buy some baby cloth items myself…

Choosing a Stroller Story:

It took me a while to research and decide which one to buy. Elizabeth’s stroller was Quinny Buzz. Not a bad one, but with some massive minuses. So, I’ve learned my lessons and this time knew exactly what I want from my stroller and I what I do not want in it. And first thing was: it should be brand new!

Then, it should be light, easy to maneuver and to attach/detach parts. It should have decent size to fit child comfortably.

As well, it should be made out of good quality and sturdy materials, have shock-absorbing suspension put on all four wheels, have sun shade and huge storage basket. Nerveless, it’s appearance should be good as well. And I found it! And its name is Uppa Baby Vista. A bit expensive and more high-end stroller, but we do walk a lot, so it is a super important for us to be a good quality one. In plus, my friend borrowed us an infant car seat Mesa and we are now all set in terms of transportation.


My Physical State Story: 

This pregnancy, comparing to my first one is simply a blessing in terms of my physical state. No nausea and no headaches I were constantly suffering while carrying Elizabeth. So, often only the mirror was reminding me that I am pregnant.
Now, being in a third trimester, it is getting harder to forget that you are expecting)))). Yep, every week adds some extra limitation to my movements, comfort and quality of my night sleep. I am getting tired way faster, my patience level, for sure, is totally not the same any more. But all that only means that we are getting closer and closer to a BIG day.

For my Second pregnancy, I went with the same obstetrician who delivered Elizabeth. I trust her, and she has that ability to keep you always positive and to believe that everything is just going its correct way and will be good. She is professional, calm, responsible and attentive. And all that, makes me feel calm and in good hands at all the time. It will be same hospital as well, so I kind of know how it looks and what to expect. Therefore, we didn’t take a hospital tour this time.

My Emotional State Story: 

What I noticed this time that differs from first one is that I do worry less, and I do not overbuy stuff… majority of which will most probably end up being useless or unused due to a quick baby growth. We didn’t buy a crib right away as we did with Elizabeth, for example. She hated hers and simply refused to sleep in it from 6-month-old age = a total lost along with all fancy crib beddings and skirts I’ve bought. So, this time I am focused on good quality necessities only. The rest will be purchased on the way along with the growing baby. 

About being a second time Mother to be: 

This pregnancy, I have no time to overthink things or get into worries, as my hands are so full.

Our sweet Elizabeth started Grade 1 in a French Immersion school along with other 7 after school activities. We were so occupied the whole time, that I didn’t even realized how and when I’ve reached 3 rd trimester of
my pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth,
  • successfully finished Grade one,
  • performed in the Ice Show,
  • performed on stage in a dance show,
  • Moved a couple levels up in Kumon (math),
  • created several successful Art projects in the Art school,
  • completed new level in recreational gymnastics,
  • Started galloping on her pony Chip
  • Improved her swimming skills practicing weekly with daddy

All these new things, accomplishments lightened her up, helped her believe that practicing brings you to a new level and mistakes teach you and eventually improve you in case you didn’t gave up. During this year, she became stronger, smarter and happier from the personality prospective.

She somehow learned to be extremely supportive, helpful and kind to others. I like that she can admit her mistakes, can say “sorry” when required and hug you when you need it the most.

And our little baby was in all this family story together with us. Hearing how we talk, how I sing bed time songs to Elizabeth, feeling how I hug and kiss her. How she tells her million stories to us. And now, we are so looking forward to meet, hug and kiss HIM! As we love doing these things often and a lot in our family!



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