Me Expecting a Baby Part Three

expecting a baby

Expecting a baby is such a blessing!!! I started telling a story about my journey in articles Hello, My Second Time Pregnancy! and My Pregnancy Journey Part Two.

I am Getting more and more excited day by day now. Impatiently looking forward to of all my baby related stuff orders to come. Then, unpacking all new stuff, setting it up, washing baby cloth, reading instructions on equipment, electronics and making sure I have all necessities ready.

The feeling is like tons of happy bubbles constantly bubbling inside. Expecting a baby I just statically feel happy and looking forward our little miracle to arrive. In plus, I am surrounded with so much love and care that I could only possibly dream about.

I would, probably expect that by default from Serj, but Elizabeth, as well, surprises and melts my heart on a daily basis with the way she hugs my tummy, how she whispers lovely things to it, how she lists people she loves and baby is always there. She makes sure I feel ok, drink enough water, don’t bend too much and sleep well.

Elizabeth tells good night to all family members including our Baby Boy. And all that comes so natural and sweet from her and makes me feel so thankful, grateful and peaceful each and every time. This little girl is my blessing for sure. I feel how attached we are with this thread between us and hope will always be there despite the fact how old she will get.

expecting a baby

A bit more about stuff organization:

My first newborn arrived into an apartment after her birth and it really differs from the house. Now, with 2 floors, I have to think well and organize a variety of stations around the house. I call them feeding and changing stations. In plus, I purchased one portable carrier and filled it with all possible necessities as of now. Its content, most probably, will be adjusted as I will start using it.

Super important is to stock water bottles in as many places as possible and to have them on the distance of your hand near by the bed, couch, sofa and so on… 

Things, I stocked up in feeding stations are:
  1. Plenty of water for me
  2. Burp and Washcloth
  3. Snacks for me
  4. Breast Pads
  5. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light and Sound Machine in the area of night time feedings
Things I have in Changing and Feeding portable carrier are:
  1. Diapers
  2. Wet Wipes
  3. Changing Pad
  4. 1 Muslin Swaddle
  5. 2 Baby onesies
  6. 1 Buttoned Baby sleeper
  7. Burp Cloth 2pc and Washcloth 2 pc.
  8. Breast Pads
  9. Medela Lanolin
  10. Cetaphil mini baby Lotion
  11. Nail Scissors
  12. Nature Bond Breast Pump
  13. Breast Milk Storage Bags
Baby’s Sleeping and Diaper changing areas:

So, decision is that baby will sleep in our bedroom for probably first 6 to 12 month of his life. Therefore, for the first 6 month, he will sleep in a cradle placed near by our bed. Obviously, changing table will be in the same room. I already set it all up and stocked with all possible necessities that will be adjusted on the go and as per upcoming requirements.

Almost finalized, packed and ready are Diaper bag and Hospital bag. I set up the due date for those to be ready as my delivery due date approaches with a super speed.

It took me a while to decide on baby’s “going home” outfit. I still can’t say, that I am 100% sure about it, so I packed a variety with me. And now, I still can’t decide on my own “going home” outfit. Ha-ha…decisions, decisions…

By the way, interesting fact! For the first time as I can recall my calendar, it is literally empty for the next month. As I have only one plan: to have a healthy delivery and focus on our bundle of joy and the rest of my precious family members.



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