Why You Shouldn’t Be Choosing Your New Workplace Just for the Money

Choosing Your New Workplace

You Shouldn’t Be Choosing Your New Workplace Just for the Money. And You Shouldn’t Be Choosing Your Future Career solely based on Money either.

One of the important reasons of why I did choose IT field, besides the main and most obvious ones was IT culture peculiar specifically to this field. The main characteristics of which usually are:
·        Mind your own business – every single person is focused on its own assignment and will discuss yours ONLY when you need some peer input.
·        No gossiping around – that’s my favorite. In administrative side of most of the companies, for some reason, everyone is gossiped from top to bottom. I try to avoid this kind of work environments as much as possible.
·        When I know, I’ll share. Yep! Supportive work style is a key of everybody’s success. Today I know, tomorrow you know! So, by sharing we both simultaneously grow
·        No judgemental style of work – nobody will roll their eyes when someone misunderstood or missed something. It will be advised, explained and another chance given. I rarely see someone to be put in a humiliatingly miserable state in IT world.

Obviously, there will be exclusions from it. As was noticed by me it mainly depends on Management style and CEO’s, Direct Manager’s personalities and qualities. There is a saying: “a fish rots from the head down” and that’s an absolute true! I am totally satisfied, happy and often impressed by the personal and professional qualities of our company’s key people. You always feel comfortable and valuable around them. And that’s a really important component.

So, Choosing Your New Workplace, choose wisely your employer and company culture prior to getting on board. And run away fast if your first impression turns out to be false after you actually join the company. Additional, day to day emotional pressure at work is not what we all need even if there is a nice pay check on scale of benefits.

It’s OK to be stressed by time frames, assignments, professional exams to be taken, but not by the toxic workplace. Those two are absolutely different types of stress with two absolutely different outputs.

First stress type is positive. When assignment is done and exam successfully passed it brings a high level of happiness.It boosts your productivity to the max for the upcoming projects and goals. As a result, you become more motivated and effective employee.

Second one will constantly keep you exhausted, stressed and intoxicated. It will lower your productivity, self esteem and happiness level. Therefore, no quality product can be produced in such a state. You will simply start hating your workplace.

That’s why, when Choosing Your New Workplace, you shouldn’t solely focus on a price tag (even though that’s a super important component).

Choosing a place, where the most of your day time will be spent, should be way more complex.

Check company’s culture, company mission, vision, company goals, read employee reviews on resources like Glassdoor (but, please use your own filter while reading those).

Pay attention on the office environment, employee perks and benefits.

During the interview you may also see and analyze the conversational manner and style of an interviewer.

All that blended together may give you an idea of a workplace you may potentially join. Will help in Choosing Your New Workplace and decide if that suits your requirements and standards.

But, extremely important thing for having an honor of choosing instead of jumping into the first offer landed without analyzing any other parts except offer numbers or the actual fact of finally getting an offer are several required qualities:

–         Have a professional value – keep learning, discovering and achieving new levels within the industry

–         Work on your own pleasant and professional personality: if you are looking for specific company culture you need to actually represent it yourself  

–         Prepare for specific interview instead of one fits all interview manner – learn about the company as much as you may find online, prepare appropriate interesting questions, analyze and prove why specifically YOU are be the best fit.

–         Don’t loose your precious time attending each interview invite that lands on your plate. Choose wisely and aim the best match.  

As a conclusion, I’d like to add that workplace should inspire, motivate, notice your accomplishments and above and beyond actions. You should feel comfortable around your colleagues same as they should feel the same way around you. There should be a room for learning and professional grows. And no room for gossip and behind the back talks.

Good Luck and Happy Workplace to you!

Another interesting article on this topic I would recommend to read is Why you shouldn’t take a job just for the money by Monster. “You’re staring at a very lucrative job offer. How lucrative? Very. As in, you can finally get your own apartment (or car—or both). Hey, you’ve earned it! But something isn’t quite sitting right with you. The job seems…just ok. Maybe even a little not-OK. Ugh, but would you really turn down all that money?….”


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