Hello, My Second Time Pregnancy and how it all started!


It was a regular day, that started a series of conversations about second child from my husband’s side… I, as a woman, still remember in tiny tine details my pregnancy and delivery number one. So, in my head, it
still feels like it was recently, and I feel like I still have a plenty of time before even start thinking about child number 2. But, somehow, this year, Elizabeth turns 7…

Oh, is that how much time passed since then?!

So, I together with my husband, we came to a conclusion that having a bigger family is not a bad idea at all.

The only thing I strongly decided for myself, was to let all things go naturally. By naturally, I mean, without “special days” counting, temperature measuring and all other associated to this process procedures. In my head, mostly in my brain, I created a pure environment of “I will not think about it too much” and “If it meant to be it will necessarily happen”.

Beside that decision, another thing, I truly wanted was to have a summer born baby. And, if lucky enough, to have a Leo by zodiac Baby. That’s the only time I’ve looked into calendar to understand when we should START. And from that moment, I personally, just continued my usual lifestyle filled with tasks, plans, goals and every day responsibilities. I even completely forgot when my cycle should start. We booked our trip to Jamaica and just one night before the departure my hubby asked me about it… Oh!!! Right! Next morning, I found one long ago expired pregnancy test in our household…and it turned out positive. O la-la!

On a way to work, I drove through Walmart and purchased another two “fresh ones”. And result was POSITIVE. I told my hubby to not get too exited about it yet. Because, life teached me, that in any aspect, it is better first to become 100%+ sure and only then get excited about anything.

We spent an amazing time in Jamaica, returned and I’ve booked an appointment with obstetrician and my family doctor at the same time. Blood sample was taken, pregnancy confirmed, and first ultrasound scheduled. In ultrasound room I had only 2 questions: is it really happening? And is it located in the right place?

Need to say, that my second pregnancy life style has nothing in comparison with my first one. These days I have a first grader with super active lifestyle that keeps all three of us in shape on a daily basis. Therefore, my days are literally spinning. I honestly had no time to be worried, frustrated and to overthink too much my new state. Because I had so many things happening around me and within me during a very same time. They were blooming me, making me happy, proud, more organized and more focused at the same time. I realized that we can accomplish almost anything, when and if things are planned, if family works in unison and aims common things. We honestly Rocked and still rocking as a family!

As a result, of all mentioned above, I was checking pregnancy app, checking main development steps and nutrition requirements on a daily basis. But I didn’t make it the only thing I am currently focused on. Not even one of my world’s important people lost even a milli part of me. I decided to better grow internally and let our new baby be a part of my work, personal studies, Elizabeth’s home work, performances, good and bad days. He was everywhere with us through our hugs, talks, plans and even disputes. He is a part of our current life and we will become a part of his after the birth. And we already love this baby so much!

Not exactly sure why, by biggest luck or by less worrying and less focusing on my physical state I have ZERO nausea and just a few head aches during this pregnancy. I am not sensitive on smells, completely active and well functioning. I feel light and didn’t grow much during it either. Maybe, by being occupied with many other things all negative pregnancy features were forgotten and left aside.

To be continued…


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