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Hello, my dear readers! 2019th is almost here and I already started planning out vacations, tasks and activities. Personally, can’t imagine myself without Printable Calendars. Respectively, I know, a lot of you, as well, are looking forward to planning your year early. Therefore, let’s have all we need handy. It becomes a nice tradition to share my Free Calendars findings every single year.

Ready? Then follow the links below and find the one that suits your needs the most.

  1. Here’s an easy way to add color to your desk or planner – new printable half size calendar for 2018 and 2019! Get this 2019 free printable calendar download, print and display. The beautiful flowers on this free printable will surely add color to your space and brighten your day. You may download it from Printable and inspirations. 2019 free calendar
  2. As always, Shining Mom is one of my favorite New Year Calendars source. And this year is not an exclusion. “Your freebie today is not just beautiful–it will also keep you focused, organized and productive yearlong! I have added a special room for your notes that you can use to write your monthly goals, major to-do’s, special events, and more” ~ Khaye. Shining Mom has now built a reputation online for creating beautifully designed printable organizers and calendars that can be used for free. 2019 free calendar
  3. The Cottage Market is one of my favorite calendar sources as well. They offer a variety of 2019 free calendars to choose from. Honestly, I want to print them all!  2019 free calendar
  4. Paper Trial Design shares watercolor flower design calendar. The monthly floral style wall calendar pages will add some fun color to your organization. 2019 free calendar
  5. Oh so Lovely Blog shares 46 free calendars that include the mini calendars of previous and future months. All calendars are horizontal formats.
  6. Cute free calendar for Kids Room by Kiddy Charts. Each month in the 2019 calendar, showing a child doing something fun within that month. Maybe you can use it for inspiration next year to get out and about with the kids. 2019 free calendarsEnjoy your NEW 2019 Year!!!


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