You are never Alone, there is always someone to support you!

Family Support

To Loves of my Life: My Family and People who lighten and  support me and my life daily or on a “sparkling” bases.

I laugh loud, because usually, I am happy and don’t worry too much about what someone will say. I believe in my friends and people surrounding me. I’d love to help, support, but I hope you’ll never need that and your life will be forever covered with a magical shimmering unicorn dust… (people say, that’s the best one!)

But, in case you, my people need me, I am here any time, in any weather, any distance and am/pm fraction. Simply call my name, dial my number, send me text. I can hold your hand in pure silence or deep quiet hug. We can talk about it, cry about it, make fun of it or we can …even “drink” about it (if that’s what needed today) … but we will definitely find a solution, the way… No, sorry, YOU WILL FIND A SOLUTION AND A WAY, and I will keep holding your hand if required and gently let it go after you start seeing the light again.  I will smile you forward while you lightly move in your amazing future.

I strongly believe, that even during the most frustrating times and uncertainty all will eventually BE FINE! As long as we all believe in it, have each other, “hold”each other, respect, support and do not judge.

My dear Husband, Daughter, Friend, long time no see family member I truly love you and wish you all the best in your every single day of the life. I know, some days can be sad, some weird, some challenging or even scary. BUT, what else I know is that MOST OF THE DAYS ARE JUST AMAZING! Most of them are filled with hugs after the day of separation, with successes as a result of challenges and fear, with laugh after a sad day that comes like a sun after the rain.

I want you to know, that you are never alone! There is someone who thinks about you in a very same moment wishes you the best and is ready to support. There is someone who has been in your shoes and now is perfectly fine…and you will be, I promise!

Just never give up! Never underestimate yourself in anything! Never assume that you are not good enough for something! Because you are PERFECT! Just keep moving! Just LOVE WHAT YOU DO and DO WHAT YOU LOVE! Follow your heart and let happiness in every single day as it is everywhere, just open your eyes wide and LIVE YOUR AMAZING LIFE!



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    Beautiful words. It’s so good to have this kind of people in your life. I’m happy to have you in my life, no doubt.

    • 2

      Thank you my dear Aliona! I am super happy have you in my life as well. I know that you will always pick up the phone and always will find Time for me despite the business of your own life! That’s precious

  2. 3

    I am so grateful for your thaughts about me, about us…..its priceless to know somebody is there for you, thinking about you, texting for no reason with a funny picture just to make your morning, and that person is …..YOU Nina, grateful to have you my friend! Love

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