My Great Things During the Month of August

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So many great things happened to me in the month of August. I decided to start writing those down and re-read after as a sweet memories of my life!

A couple of Miracles:
  1. For more than a year I dream about Spanish Classes to be taken. I found a place in our neighbourhood, but something kept me away from starting the course there. But, desire together with the thought kept rotated in my head. And, will you believe me if I’ll tell you that one day at work during the lunch time I was chatting with the new co-worker whose Spanish is the first language. During that conversation, I discover that her dream is to teach others Spanish Language… I just couldn’t believe what I do hear with my own ears in the very same moment. Purest miracle!!! By today, we already had 10 Spanish classes. Cool part is that we do it during our lunch breaks twice a week and we even built a team of 5 students co-workers. Team spirit, Eh?!
  2. Miracle number 2 is simple one, but still magical. Me and Elizabeth attended a session in the salt cave. I hour of me relaxing and breathing in the cave, that is completely covered with salt and Elizabeth, playing with buckets and sand toys in it. After this session I badly wanted a sea salt lamp. I wanted a good one, so research was required. I wasn’t sharing that with anyone, but again, this thought kept popping up in my head, I just had no time to finally sit, find and order it. And what a surprise, when for my Birthday, my dear more than friend Julia gifted me a box with a lamp of my dream. You still don’t believe in a power of thought?! I think it’s time to start trying. ♥
A couple of Professional Progresses:
  1. I reviewed and reorganized my working day routine making it more complex and allowing me to progress in more than one direction per day. It really helps to progress more and keeps me motivated to move forward.
  2. I remodeled Test Cases Template I use and made its appearance in accordance with ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) Requirements. It added a lot on quality, organized its structure and made eased data search.
  3. Security Awareness Training is 80% DONE! And 8/11 Modules are completed. My personal due date for this training is September 28th.
  4. Purchased and started “Core java using IntelliJ” training on Udemy. Due date to accomplish it is set.
  5. Improved My API and Jason Knowledge.
A Couple of my Personal Projects related great news:
  1. We changed Elizevent web site’s host provider and moved from GoDaddy Hosting to Site Ground. This move dramatically improved loading speed and saved me some funds at the same time. What a bundle! Thank you, my dear Maria!!! Great French Meringue in progress
  2. Our Online Mastering Meringue Master Class continues to be a success and that’s why we decided to offer a HUGE discount available as a Back to School campaign. Don’t miss this opportunity and learn how to bake perfect meringues to impress your kid, school sales, birthday party guests and so on!
Personal Development Highlights:
  1. Book read “Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want” by Michael Hyatt. great books
    Fresh books received from Indigo:

       2.Yoga Practices & Positive Thinking brought to a more consistent level. And I love it! I even booked my first private Yoga session with Innergy Corporate Yoga

       3. I persistently keep my Spanish Classes twice a week and hope, pretty much soon I’ll be able to communicate. ¡Y esto me hace tan feliz! (And this makes me so happy).

       4. Elizabeth is my kid so, her development I count as mine. We established a good studying routine, found great ways to make education more fun and less pain))). I discussed some of great working techniques in Charlotte Mason Method of Education article.

Definitely, here were many more great things during our month of August, but these are the highlights I truly want to share here.

One main conclusion of the month is:

When you embrace your every single day with smile and hope for the best. When you keep moving forward on a daily basis and when you are thankful for what you already have that will be your beautiful life!

great beautiful life

Enjoy every single day of your life!


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