Creative Kids Breakfast Ideas

Kids Breakfast Ideas

Feeding a kid with a nutritious breakfast can be a challenge, agree? And it is always better to create stress free breakfast environment for our little eaters to help them easily go though the stages of food discoveries and trials. That will stimulate a healthy kid-food relations in future. And that’s where creative kids breakfast ideas become super helpful. 

Today, I would like to share 5 kids breakfast ideas with you!

  1. Waffles topped up with honey and fresh cut fruits. 
  2. Ham and Cheese Heart Shaped Sandwich. It can be any shape sandwich with a help of cookie cutters. You can use different bread types to make it even more creative. As well, I usually add few veggie or fruit slices on a side.Kids Breakfast
  3. Oats with berries and/or nuts with organic milk. Served in a cute plate. I remember, grandma . was telling me: “Nina, when you will eat all, you’ll discover a surprise picture at the bottom of the plate.” It miraculously worked each time, she was telling me that. 
  4. Palm Tree Omelette is aways a hit especially, when we all start missing summer a lot! Cheese and wieners can help you in building it. Kids Breakfast
  5. You Are my Sunshine Cottage cheese, tomatoes casserole with fresh dark rye bread. The lights of a sun can be made of cheese, wieners or carrots, for example.Kids Breakfast

Enjoy Your Breakfasts!



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