Top 10 New School Year Essentials and where to get them

New School Year approaches and it’s time to get things ready! I hope, my New School Year Essentials findings and some real life experience will help you! Here is the list of Top 10 New School Year Essentials and places to buy them:

  1. First Day of School Signs.

Elizabeth starts Grade One and I want to have a photo as a sweet memory for the future days. So, I found great source of FREE printable School Signs shared by Paper Nook. Great thing is that Tacy shares matching Last Day of School Signs as well. And as an EXTRA BONUS: she made the school year ribbon area editable, so you can type in a date or name, or anything you would like when you open it in Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Lunch Box.

It will be our Third year going with the Yumbox. And We absolutely love it! This year I will buy an extra insert. That will result having one with 6 compartments and second with 4. If you Live in Canada Yumbox can be purchased in:

  1. Warm Food Containers and Water Bottles

Third year in a row my Favorite brand is Thermos. I tried tons of different brands due to attractive designs. And the winner is Thermos! No leaking, resistant, keeps the food/water warm/cold well. Easy to find as it is available almost in any store (Zehrs, Wallmart, Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart etc)

  1. Reusable Snack Bag.

Here, honestly, choose from anything you personally prefer and like. You can even DIY one as it is super simple (in case you have any of free time available). We bought ours from Cute Kid Stuff: Bumkins Brand that perfectly serves us for two years in a row (including summer camp times). This year will be it’s third and still looks like new. I will just probably one a second as a spare.

  1. Bento Box Accessories.

This are optional, but they indeed make your kid’s lunchbox more attractive and special. Lots of stuff can be found on:

  • Aliexpress (shipped directly from China)
  • Torune (shipped directly from Japan). This was a great finding of mine last year. So creative!
  1. Labels

As we all know, it is better to label everything, especially if your kid is in JK, SK and Grade 1 (so far, I am an expert till Grade 1). My family keeps ordering from Dinkleboo. They usually have pretty good designs and pricing. Quality is good as well. Only thing is that I do not order iron clothing labels anymore. Doesn’t work for me. This year I went with shoe dot labels (18pc.) and rectangle labels (48pc.).

  1. Backpack

I love the quality of Pottery Barn Backpacks. They can be personalized by the way. PB Backpacks features roomy pockets inside and out, and an MP3 holder with a grommet for headphone wires; front pockets have top and side zippers for easy access.

And Kids (girls for sure) absolutely love Justice backpacks. They have models with two pockets and that is important. One I use for Nighty Folder, Reading Folder, Library Books. Second for Lunch Box, Snack Bag. They have reversible sequins, initials and variety of themes (cat, owl, panda etc). Some models have two compartments, what makes me super happy!

  1. An Extra set of Cloth (seasonal).

Brought on a first day of school and left there. Reviewed when requires to be restoked and at the beginning of every new season.

  1. Sun Protection + Hat.
  2. Homework Supplies.
Enjoy your New School Year Essentials Shopping!

Note: This article is NOT an affiliated one. It is pure result of my experience and represents our family preferences. ♥



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