Letting Powerful Yoga Principles into your Life

Yoga Principles

I am so happy that thanks to my workplace I was able to meet the real YOGA instructor in my life – Aman Banwait from Innergy Corporate Yoga Inc. I tried yoga before, but it never touched me so much, never brought that much peace and relaxation inside of me and, I honestly think, I’ve never did any of the poses correctly, before starting classes with Aman. Together with Yoga Principles they have a powerful positive influence towards me. 

When every pose is disassembled into molecules and you came into it through the correct transitioning points the outputs are magical. All that brought more interest towards Yoga into my life and I found an amazing book in Kobo store named Yoga Basic Knowledge” by Nils Horn

If you are a beginner trying to figure to the purpose of Yoga and main poses, believe me, that’s the book you may wish to start with. 

I’d like to share 10 Yoga Principles with you today. Found in this book and re-read by me weekly:

  1. No violence = Be meek. Be peaceful. 
  2. Truthfulness = Live in truth. Be honest with yourself and others.
  3. Righteousness = No stealing, No cheating. Seek for fair trade instead of unwarranted advantage.
  4. Wisdom = Live in spiritual focus (in the light). Do not serve the money but the inner happiness. Be centered in your inner happiness and peace.
  5. Simplicity = Be moderate in external enjoyment and consumption.
  6. Worship of spiritual goal
  7. Sacrifice the ego = Purification/Cleaning. 
  8. Self-discipline = A clear goal, a clear life plan and clear way of practicing. 
  9. Reading = The daily reading clears the spirit, enlightens the path.
  10. Contentment = Satisfaction with what one has

I try to follow 5 Yoga Principles of Health presented in this book as well:

  1. EAT HEALTHY. Healthy eating consists of vegetables, fruits, cereals etc. It is advised to eat little or no meat and much raw food (fruits and vegetables)
  2. AVOID DRUGS, SMOKING AND ALCOHOL. That causes many diseases and usually shorten your life significantly. Too many sweets, lots of salt and lots of meat are also unfavorable. You live longer if you eat less (but not too less). Hear your Body.
  3. DO SPORTS. Go walking, jogging, cycling, swimming once or twice a ay (one half to an hour), to keep your body strong and healthy. 
  4. RELAX SUFFICIENTLY. Stress should always be put away by adequate recovery periods, yoga or meditation. For the inner happiness it is important to live in the right proportion of personal activity (work) and rest (relaxation).
  5. THINK POSITIVE. Avoid negative thoughts. Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and positive emotions have a positive effect on your body. Motivate yourself with positive phrases and ideas. 

It is important to re-read often these Yoga principles, I sourced from Yoga Basic Knowledge by Nils Horn. There are tons of other valuable information I found in this precious book.

Have and amazing day, evening, week, month, year, life of yours!



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