Canada:Houseboat Holiday. How to Plan and Get Trip Ready

Canadian Houseboat Holiday

Houseboat Holiday was our HUGE dream since we remember ourselves in Canada. 

And this year we finally decided that it’s time! We dreamed about it and somehow it came by itself easy and unexpected. Indeed, the power of dreaming! 

There are several Houseboat Holiday companies available on Canadian market. Not all of them allow pets on board so it needs to be considered if you are planning to take your furry friend with you.

We ended up booking with Gananoque houseboat rentals known as Houseboat Holidays Ltd. Their reviews seemed to be really good, they are pets friendly and their management was always at a distance of a call and we really did call them with hundreds of questions. We discovered, that they provide their service in 1000 Islands for over forty years and that it is a family operated business. We didn’t find even one bad review online and easily booked with them. 

There are several areas where houseboat holiday can be rented, but, on my opinion, Thousand Islands area with with its picturesque views is simply the best. And having an option to observe and approach those cute islands, amazing houses, great nature as close as you wish to is absolutely amazing stuff. 

In our case, we were 6 people in total. 4 adults and 2 5 year old kids. Meaning, Red Boat was just a perfect fit for us. It has 2 double beds and a bunk bed. Options available to rent are: Red, Blue and Big Blue Boats. Our trip fell on Canada Day and did cost 560 CAD per family for rent and insurance. You need to deposit extra 400 CAD which will be refunded after you return the houseboat. You may add kayaks for additional price as well. Gas and oil are paid separately and for those we’ve spent around 140 CAD. Food and Drinks were purchased separately and its total really depends on your preferences. In case you want to check all price options, you can find them here

Getting Trip Ready:

Non of us had previous boathouse sailing experience, so I was a bit emotional and kept checking if we have all information needed, if it was actually read and completely understood by our husbands as they are our Captains, Lol. I downloaded all possible guides, maps, apps etc. and was praying God to keep us safe during the trip.
“What to take on board?” 
  1. Food and spices. There is fridge and freezer that work just perfect. Dishes, pots, pans, baking pans, cutting boars, utensils are provided. 
  2. Cloth, especially a variety of shoes because there can be rain, chill, hot.
  3. Towels, as those are not provided. Linens are provided, but we still took ours.
  4. Soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and brush, Cleaning liquids, Dish soap, sponges
  5. Hats, Sun creams, water toys
  6. Board games and variety of indoor and outdoor activities for kids.
  7. Electronic devises (we had laptops, iPads, music Player)
  8. All kind of “just in case” medication, motion sickness control ones as well (we took Gravol for kids)
  9. Fishing Equipment 
  10. Good Mood!

Houseboat Holiday Day 1: Gananoque. Getting on Board and spending our first night in a Boathouse

To be Continued…


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