Best Calendar Applications and Their Great Features.

Calendar Applications

Looks like good Calendar Applications are highly required due to a hectic lifestyles we are living in. Seems like world started spinning faster … or it is just me started getting old? 🙂 I feel like keeping up with tasks, activities, professional goals,
family responsibilities and household stuff becomes more and more complicated, overlapped and
sometimes indeed crazy! To be Honest, I try to do a lot and having empty paged calendar is not a story
of my life. And maybe that’s one of the reasons of my “fast world”.

This week, I have a scheduled exam that, apparently, still requires additional time invested and
therefore needs to be rescheduled. And guess what? I completely missed that there is a 72 hours time
frame to be able to reschedule it for free. And, sure thing, now I need to pay $125 fee for that.
Sad story of my day especially during this super expensive month of ours.

But still, what is the main reason of me, always super organized to forget about such an important task? Is that vacation we just returned from, where you have no clue what time is it and you can barely recall the day of the week you are in? Or is that a super busy period I am going through due to an upcoming daughter’s Birthday Celebrations? Seems like my mind is entirely focused on this event excluding all extra stuff. 

Or maybe not any of these. Maybe that’s the sign to find a good calendar application with great
scheduling and notifications features. I am still an adept of paper agenda planning… but what if it’s time
of moving forward along with the progress?
Therefore, let’s discover together what’s currently available in the calendar applications world and try switching to
something modern and technological that totally suits our personal and professional needs.

1. Google Calendar (Android, iOS: Free)

Everybody knows about it’s existence, but not everybody uses its full potential and great
features. (and, looks like I am the one among them)

What is good about it:
  • the app integrates with Gmail to give you the option of automatically creating events for
    flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations based on your emails
  • works in to-dos and reminders, as well as habit-forming goals
  • ability to create different calendars for different parts of your life (To create a new
    calendar, click the little arrow next to “My calendars” and you’ll see an option to “Create
    new calendar”. As well calendars can be color coded)
  • “Suggested Time” or “Find Time” features to set a meeting with people who have busy
    schedules. (Create an event, add everyone who needs to attend, choose “Find a Time” tab,
    find open spot and set your invite)
  • Ability to add attachments
    For more details click Google Calendar Learning Center and discover how to create
    reminders, share and view other people calendars, customise your calendar and many

2. Outlook (Android, iOS: Free)

In addition to its powerful email functions and MS Office app integration, Outlook Calendar on

  • improved its scheduling and events functions
  • added new Calendar App tie-ins for Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist
  • both iOS and Android now support events creation with daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly

3. ZenDay (Android, iOS: Free)

ZenDay is a time-management and calendar app with a timeline-style approach to managing
your schedule. Ability to zoom in on the near future to display your upcoming events in detail.
With a flowing, card-based timeline that shows you what’s ahead.
What is good about it comparing to other calendar applications?

  • create events (or sync calendars),
  • set tasks and prioritize tasks
  • sync with all your calendars
  • set reminders and deadlines
  • app has dynamic scheduling adapting to what’s need to be done.
  • a debrief mode that lets you view how well you’ve kept up with your schedule over the past
    few weeks. (That’s an awesome feature!!!!!!)

4. My Study Life (Android, iOS: Free)

That’s probably the one I should pay attention to. 🙂  My study Life is great for a to-do list and
calendar that’s built with students in mind.
This cross-platform digital planner helps you keep track of your daily schedule, as well as
important dates such as exams, tests and homework deadlines. (definitely what I need)

  • homework tracker
  • calendar with color-coded events
  • a class schedule manager
  • notifications and more.
  • Interested in this app? Take a quick tour here: An Introduction to My Study Life

5. TimeTree (Android, iOS: Free)

This app is designed for to keep family and small group schedules synchronized.

  • Everyones schedule is in one calendar
  • Share you schedules seamlessly even with those who don’t use TimeTree
  • Talk about schedule on the calendar (awesome!!!)
  • Every group can have its own calendar
  • Ability to Save memos and tentative events to “Keep”
  • Works on PC too
That’s the list of 5 Calendar Applications I ended up with.
And what catches your eye from it? Or what app are you can recommend to help organise life events and remind about them on time?

Thank you!


Many thanks to Tom’s guide and Ginny Mineo for guiding me in the digital Calendar’s world.

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    no calendar for me means no agenda! i cannot go without it! im using google but im so curious to try other too but im hesitant as well as im concern that it can disrupt my sched!

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      Same here, but apparently life spins faster and faster with so many things on a plate. That can lead to forgetting one or two important tasks or appointments from time time.

  7. 13

    Im using timetree too beside my bujo journal and i really love that app. I’ll try your other recommendations.

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    I really need to start using a calendar organizer like the ones you suggested! I would love to use it to stay focused during the day – I always lose track of time!

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    Lately I have become obsessed with being organized and tracking everything on a calendar. I’m a handwritten calendar gal myself, so right now I’m using my Erin Condren life planner. I’ll definitely look into these applications as well to stay on track with my hectic schedule!

  13. 25

    I’ve always just used the default calendar on my phone, but I’ll admit that it might not be the best option. I’ll have to check these out.

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  16. 30

    I use Google calendar and I just love it. Especially how it reminds me of my to do. And I’m learning from you that it can add attachments too. Wow! I’ll need to look into that.

  17. 32

    I know I have the calendar app on my phone but having one of these apps would probably do a lot better for my integration. I really need something I can remember to use regularly. It would do wonders for my time management.

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