Unicorn Headband DIY Step by Step Tutorial + FREE Template

Unicorn Headband DIY_Elizevent

Unicorns! Unicorns! they are everywhere and I myself became exited about them. They are indeed cute and magical. These days, you may see unicorns almost in any possible interpretation: in art, closing, baking, interior decorating and so on. I decided to make a cute Unicorn Headband for my little one as well.

To be honest, I spent a while collecting info on how to do a beautiful and simple Unicorn Headband myself using materials already existing in our home craft studio. Finally, reviewing tons of DIY Tutorials and taking a bit from each of them, I ended up with this one!

Therefore, today, I am sharing an easy Unicorn Headband DIY Step by Step Tutorial.
I captured every single step of the process for better visual understanding. In case any additional questions arise, as always, you are welcome to comment them out and I will gladly answer.

Unicorn Headband DIY Step by Step Tutorial

For Unicorn Headband DIY Project you will need:

  1. Template from Creative Green living
  2. Plain / simple headband (plastic of fabric one, doesn’t matter)
  3. White and Pink Felt
  4. Ribbon
  5. Poly-fill Stuffing 
  6. Fabric Flowers for embellishment
  7. Net ot Tulle Fabric (optional)
  8. Hot Glue Gun
  9. Scissors
  10. Pencil

Unicorn Headband DIY Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Precutting Materials

Print out and cut out your template. Then trace Horn 1 (cut 1), Horn 2 (cut 1) and Outer Ear (cut 2) on your white felt fabric. Trace Inner Ear (cut 2) on your pink felt fabric. Cut all pieces out. 

Precut a piece of ribbon. Cut it longer, just in case.

Unicorn DIY Tutorial Step 3


Step: 2 Forming a Horn

Using a hot glue gun, glue an edge of your ribbon inside the future horn.

Start rolling the felt forming a cone (horn). Using a hot glue gun place the hot glue along the edge.  Hold the felt together until the hot glue sets.

Unicorn DIY Tutorial Step 2


Step 3: Finalizing the Horn

When your cone is formed fill it with poly-fill stuffing and stitch the bottom.

Unicorn DIY Tutorial Step 3.1

Unicorn DIY Tutorial Step 3.2

Then, wrap your ribbon tight around the cone. Hot glue it at the bottom. Your Unicorn Horn is ready to be attached to a headband.

Unicorn DIY Tutorial Step 3.3

Step 4: Attaching Horn to a Headband

By now, your Unicorn Horn is ready to be attached to a headband. To do so, use your hot glue and sandwich the headband between the bottom of your assembled horn and the round “Horn 2” piece. Hold them Together till cool.

Unicorn DIY Tutorial Step 4

Step 5: Ears

Position ear #1 on the headband. Put hot glue on one half of the ear and fold in half around the headband. Do Same with ear #2. 

Unicorn DIY Tutorial Step 5.1

Next, use hot glue to attach the inner ear piece over the outer ear. Wait till cool. 

Unicorn DIY Tutorial Step 5.2

Step 6: Embellishments

In this step you can be as creative as you wish. Use flowers, multi-color ribbons, bows, net or tulle fabric cut short or long.

Hot glue your embellishments as you like them to be… and you are all done. 

Now, enjoy a happiest face ever – your child’s face, when she gets this awesome Headband! And you made it yourself, Super Mom! 

By the way, being so easy to do, these are great Unicorn Birthday Party Accessories for the birthday girl’s guests. 

As well, Unicorn Headband goes well for Halloween and Dress up Parties.  

Unicorn DIY Tutorial_Elizevent

Be Creative, Be Happy!



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