Happiness and Happy Habits in Your Daily Life.


Happiness… is such a mysterious “fruit” and may meat totally different things for different people! What makes you happy? What fuels you up for the day, month, year ahead? And what motivates you to move forward with the purpose? Helps you learn new things, solve rebuses that life gives you daily? I totally believe, that HAPPINESS is the best companion in all mentioned above. 

Did you notice, how easier happy people are living their lives? How healthier they are? How they do not care about minor things and do not focus their attention to those? I did! And for the last couple of years I train myself to be happy in every single day of my life. I learned to appreciate little things, say tons of “thank you” to people around and God. 

Switching my mindset toward positive one opened amazing doors of my reality and built new ones of my future.

Look around, you will se so many people who are not happy today, who do not believe in anything good waiting for them ahead and regret about many things in the past. Maybe it is even You! But why? Because being negative is a HABBIT. It attracts more and more negative thoughts in your mind. And those result negative things in your life. It will take some time and effort to switch it to a positive mid set. But believe me, it is doable and all it takes is to start NOW. Start with small steps, learning to leave happy like a baby learns to walk. 

I advice you to read this article till the very end despite the fact how happy or unhappy you are. Hope is that it will inspire you to smile today, to realize how many great and awesome things you possess, how many precious people you have in your circle.
Look at your loved ones, look at yourself and at all you own and say “Thank you!” out loud. Because, believe me, you are so blessed! 

Happiness and Thankfulness

Happiness Habits to Introduce in Your Life:

1. Do not Concentrate on small negative aspects of your life. 

Don’t discuss them, Don’t share with family and friend, Just IGNORE. That will eventually teach you to be unhurt by them one day. Believe me, one day, you will fell zero anxiety inside when minor bad things will happen to you. 

If you thought that Happy People are just extremely luck and nothing bad happens to them, well, that’s wrong. It is just the way they process things and move forward. 

“Was I misunderstood?” “Why did they Laugh?” or not the best Teacher’s note received from school, someone rude in traffic, due dates and so on. 

2. Solve it without Soaking in It!

Overthinking is an enemy of happiness.  Rotating again and again worry thoughts in your head doesn’t help in current rebus solving at all. “Will I handle this project?”, “Will my child succeed in math?”, “How will I handle new obstoeatelstva?” All these thoughts are like mushrooms if not controlled.

Solution is simple: do your best in a fraction on ONE day and then go to sleep peacefully. Just be your best TODAY, that’s all! With this formula you are building your better tomorrow, but first of all you are getting used to a peaceful today. 

Happiness and Dreams

3. Have a Dream, but better Dreams!

Dreams inspire, motivate and give reason to move forward. As a result, they give us a happy feeling at the end of our day, accomplishment and goal achieved.

4. Surround Yourself with Positive people.

“Tell me who are your friends and I’ll tell who you are”. Nothing to add. Look around. Is your circle supportive, positive, happy? I hope it is as that’s the environment where I tend to find myself more often. We all have sad or bad days, my friend too, but the way you handle those create a traectory of your life. 

happiness and friends

5. Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends.

Family time is a happiness main “door”. If do not spend time with your family you will inevitably regret it after. And can destroy your happy world. Kind grow fast and days change each other even faster. So, don’t postpone for “tomorrow” family pillow fight, board games, trips, talks, hugs.. They not only give you an absolute happiness, they are HEALING!

6. Exercise 

It is tough to start exercising (at least for me), but that after-feeling is simply an amazing one! I totally feel happy after my work out is done. 

7. Travel 

It is a well known, that traveling gives you a whole spectrum of happy feelings. New places, new colors, new flavors, new people, new adventures open our chakras and fuel us for so many days, weeks and month ahead. 

8. Learn New Things

Learning can totally give you a happiness feeling. New discoveries, new successfully passed exam, new hobby… They all 100% give that feeling of satisfaction that leads to happy you!

9. Create Happy Memories.

Happy memories is what fuels us on a “rainy” day. Thats why great habit is to remember good things and forget about not the best ones as soon as possible. 

Be happy just the way things are! 



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  1. 1

    you are absolutely right – it is a mysterious “fruit”! I think happiness is unique to each person and I also think people have a misconstrued view of what happiness truly means. Thanks for sharing!

    • 2

      Yes, it is unique for everyone. And most of the time its source is a complexity and diversity of things, feelings, memories, loved ones, accomplishments, health and many many more. We all need to learn to appreciate what we already have and be thankful for anything new and happy coming to our lives.

  2. 3

    Learning to appreciate the things around me and life is also something I have been learning to do for the past couple of years.. It’s true though, it brings happiness.

  3. 5
  4. 7
  5. 8
  6. 10

    Love this article, thanks so much for sharing. I agree that overthinking kills our happiness. I find when i overthink things, I don’t do myself justice but when I don’t sweat the small stuff, l’m happier.

  7. 12
  8. 14
  9. 16
    • 17

      People keep postponing “memories creation” often thinking that they will have time for that later on… Nope, we need to find time for that daily. We can create memories from simple dinners and games together till amazing vacations and trips with our loved ones.

  10. 18

    To begin with, I appreciate the photo that you left for us to view before even the article starts. It is very symbolic, telling us you don’t need a palace to be happy. It is like a strain that we find throughout the article.
    And the tips? Well, they are nothing new. But the way you have put them makes them newer. Loved the reader. Thank you and hoping to get more in the days to come. Christbless.

  11. 20

    I do some of these with more ease than others. I seek out happy memories for my family, but I do have trouble not internalizing when things go poorly. But admitting it means I can work on it!

  12. 22
  13. 24
  14. 26

    I always find it interesting how exercise always finds its way into lists like this. But it’s true. There is so much to exercising that helps you see things from a positive perspective it’s important to keep up with.

  15. 28
  16. 30

    Travel gives us a lot of new knowledge, discovers to ourselves, etc. It is a great way to have a happy life, and discover new passions.

  17. 32
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