Make GOALS a REALITY using these 5 Effective Advises.

Goals to become a Reality

And it’s again a beginning of a new year. That’s when we promise ourselves to become better and achieve more. We promise ourselves to loose something and to gain some. We plan to run, or swim, or both. Decide on spending more time with family and kids. We hope to have more vacations and indeed relaxing time off. All these we usually call GOALS and brought together as a list we call it “New Year Resolutions”.

Unfortunately, the reality is that some of those promises, goals and plans will never become true. Some will be abandoned in a few days, weeks or month. And some goals will be simply forgotten.

So how can we make sure that our perfect new year goals will actually become our reality?

Goals to become a Reality

The best way to have your best life is just to stack your best years on top of each other. ~ Michael Hyatt

Try these 5 great advises I collected from hight achievers and see how the things start traversing from dream to reality of your life!

     1. Don’t Loose visibility of your goals.

Review them often as it is easy to get distracted and forget about what you were planning to achieve. It is a good habit to spend a minute each day to re-read them. Set a calendar reminder for monthly reviews and progress tracking. Practice quarterly reviews that can include necessary adjustments (more details on that in advise #5)

   2. Be emotionally engaged with your goals. 

If you aren’t emotionally connected to achieving that goal, you aren’t going to accomplish it. Most probably, pretty soon, you will loose interest and give up. Keep asking yourself a “Why?” question for every goal you set. Find as many WHYs as you can for the most complicated goals of yours. 

The emotional aspect of goals is what drives us to choose going to the gym over finding another excuse to skip it. Emotional engagement gives you power to study for that complicated exam that will advance your career over watching a new episode of super famous show. Emotional connection is what helps you avoid procrastination!

Goals to become a Reality

   3. Create A Visual Goals Board!

Vision boards are actually a great helpers. You can make it simple by printing your goals list or go above and beyond with creative ideas. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. 

  4. Set Daily Tasks  related to your Goals.

Important part of this advise is to not overload your your daily to-do list in order not to feel as a looser at the end of the day. Focus on creating a doable to-to list that works on achieving your goals. 

Goals to become a Reality

   5. Revise your goals and adjust your list if required.

While setting your goals is important to set Real and Measurable ones. During a year it is good to perform a quarterly goals revisions to make sure all goals are still relevant and you have enough time allocated to work on them. 

It is okay to adjust or completely remove a goal or two in order to focus on other important ones. Sometimes setting a goal we underestimate efforts and time required to achieve it. For example, during the review we can divide our goal in phases and allocate certain phase for this year and move the following ones to the early stage of the following year. That will allow your goal to be well divided and measured at the end of each phase. As a result, you will be able to see and track a progress of yours way better. In plus it will give you a confidence that you are indeed moving forward.


Make this 5 advises your habit and I promise you will start being more focused, more motivated and will be able to see the progresses way faster. 

For additional information on this topic, please read my HOW TO WRITE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS AND STICK TO THEM article.

Never Give Up!


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