French Meringue Recipe and Baking Technique Tips

French Meringue Recipe

I would like to share a French Meringue Recipe with all of you. To me, French Meringue Recipe is a more challenging one. Therefore, It requires detailed technique knowledge and most probably lots of practice. So, if you are looking for a new baking challenge, here it is!

There are certain rules being it French meringue recipe, or Swiss, or Italian.

1. Avoid plastic bowls as it may contain traces residue of fat. Chose from glass, stainless steel of copper bowls.

2. Your bowl and any other equipment that comes into contact with the egg whites should be completely clean, dry, and free from grease. Because it will prevent the whites from foaming.

3. Your egg whites should be completely free from egg yolk.

Three Stages Of Meringue:

Egg whites go through various stages to become meringue: Foamy, soft peaks and stiff peaks. 

Foamy: The egg whites will still be in liquid form, may have a cloudy yellow color, and large bubbles will have formed.

Soft peaks: The egg whites will become snowy white, and as your whisk moves through the meringue, you’ll see ribbons or lines from the wires of the whisk.

Stiff peaks: All of the sugar will have been incorporated, and you will continue to beat the meringue until it reaches its full volume. It will now be thick, smooth and glossy. When you lift the whisk from the bowl, the peaks will completely hold their shape.

Let’s move to a Recipe itself and steps to reach perfectly stiff French Meringue mixture peaks


4 Eggs
240gr Sugar

Meringue to sugar ratio is very easy to remember – it is double the amount of sugar to egg whites. A medium egg white weights 30G – so you need 60G of caster sugar.

French Meringue in progress


1. Start with lining a flat baking tray with a baking paper.

2. Preheat oven to 250F – 300F (depending on how fast you would like to warm your sugar). Line deep roasting tray with baking paper, pour in caster sugar and put in the oven for 5 – 7 min until the edges are just beginning to melt. Heating the sugar helps to create a GLOSSY, stable mixture.

3. Crack room temperature egg whites into your Kitchen Aid bowl or a NON plastic bowl. Make sure whisk and bowl are free of grease and liquids. At first whisk slowly till egg whites form a foamy texture (make sure to not over-beat at this stage). Then, increase the speed and start adding warm sugar spoon by spoon. Once all of the sugar is added switch to a full mixer speed and continue to whisk for another 5-7 minutes.
Feel a bit of the mixture between your fingers, if you still feel a sugar keep whisking on a full speed until sugar is dissolved and the mixture is silky. The Swiss meringue should be stiff enough at this point to be piped and hold its shape.

4. Fill your piping bag to pipe your meringues or simply spoon your meringues to the baking tray adding nuts, sprinkles of colored sugar on top of it. Bake for 2 hours at 200F.

Meringues with Cream Charlotte

Меренги с Кремом Шарлотт / Meringues with Cream Charlotte

Extra Tips in Baking Meringues:

1. Meringues are humidity sensitive. It is recommended to avoid making meringue on humid days if at all possible. If you can’t avoid it, you can combat the humidity by increasing the bake time. Problem is that sugar absorbs the extra moisture in the air and interferes with the stability of the meringue. Once baked, humidity may also cause crisp meringues to soften. I advise to place them into an air tight container after they completely cooled down.

2. To avoid cracked meringues avoid opening the oven until the very end of baking.

3. I don’t recommend using bulk egg whites sold in the carton.

4. Avoid over-whipping the whites. If you go too far, the whites will appear grainy and dull and will start to become dry and clumpy.

If you prefer a video step by step tutorials with extra tips and piping ideas, we’ve created one! Our Online Mastering Meringue Class is available 24/7 and provides you a life time access to the techniques you need for your best results every time.  
Happy Baking! And don’t hesitate to ask in comments if you have any additional questions.


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