My Automation Testing Skills Path or Parable About Not Giving Up

Automation Testing

Do you Know that unpleasant feeling when you badly desire to learn something and have no clue from where to start and how to approach the topic? Sure, the best answer is “From the beginning!”, but sometimes it may be hard to find the “beginning” you need to start with. Today I am sharing a story of my professional goal to learn Automation Testing technique in depth and to become an expert in this field. It really took me a while to get the understanding of automation processes, tools and techniques itself prior to even start actual hands on learning process.

To be honest, I tried hard and for a while to saddle Automation Testing Horse and to start slowly, slowly riding it. I tried to learn it myself and looks like picked not the best available online course. I tried college and again no luck as professor wasn’t taking our group as absolute beginners. It ended up with only 3 out of 20 students being able to finalise it. I was among those three, but that doesn’t mean things were clear to me.

Then I bought a book, watched You Tube videos, tried to read articles on this topic. All that Automation Testing no outcome grasping ended up one day during our regular weekly QA team scrum when a big news was announced. We all will have to learn automation testing and company will support us in this journey! Probably that was the moment when entire Universe opened giving me a precious gift. I took it as something like this: “Nina, knowing how much you crave it, here you go – Take it!”

We’ve been provided with the online Udemy course, to be honest, I was a bit sceptic about it at the beginning. In practice, it turned out to be a pretty great course that explains things in depth and details. And here I am, already writing MYSELF my FIRST Automation Scripts that do successfully RUN. Today, I was even able to update existing ones that stopped running due to id or name changes in the code.

Am I happy? More than that. What I feel is a complete euphoria. I understand, that I am at the very beginning of my magical scripting journey, but main thing here is that I got it!!! I got the idea, I got the BIG picture finally in a clear view. And my motivation of learning it is on a highest level and there is no way for me to plan turning out of the way.

The moral of my story is simple: Do not give up too early! Keep “knocking the doors”! On your way to a success you may have wrong teachers, boring books and online courses…it may even take a while till you absorb all the informational mass, process it and finally be able to use it in practice. And you will… but only if you will not stop! At the beginning, your progress toward the goal may be slow, by tiny-tiny steps. But, remember, when they are consistent you learn and build the perfect foundation for your future “I can!”

Farmers never plant a seed into unprocessed and unfertilized soil! And to make the soil as such takes time. It works same way with people learning something new, trying to reach something new and to excel in it! Give yourself time and one day you will definitely catch the wave that will fuel you with tons of motivation, because THINGS YOU DID/BUILD YOURSELF DO WORK as intended!!!

I want to express my thankfulness to our Management team who supports, believes and provides us a precious time to learn new skill without adding extra stress to the process. That makes me, personally even more process-dedicated and success-oriented!

Let the new Era in our Careers begin TODAY!

Believe in yourself no matter what! Keep moving even if someone does not want you to, because there is always someone who wants! Focus on them and seek for an advice when stuck. Be resourceful yourself and practice, practice, practice your new skill!

Share your your battle with a new skill and what helps you to keep moving? If you know anyone to whom this article might be beneficial please share using our social buttons or directly sending the link. 



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