JOB LOSS: Ways to avoid and Aftermath if it happened.

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In a corporate world, where I belong, job loss can happen any time like a thunder during a sunny day. How unexpected can it be?

“Unfair! Why me? Why now? What should I do?” is often thrown in the air.

There are several rules in the corporate world to follow to succeed:

  • Be nice to others. “Hello” and smile will make even you feel better when pronounced. Be nice, take care of people around, be helpful.
  • Don’t blame colleagues when something goes wrong. The worst path is to start blaming others when something goes wrong. That’s an opposite to a team spirit behavior. We are all human beings and from time to time we do mistakes. Do not dance on somebody’s ashes as people see it and one day somebody will dance on yours. Try helping to fix what is broken without praising yourself too loud.
  • Don’t loose your productivity level and quality of work. Don’t count your years within the company as those do not matter as soon as you become an unproductive piece of the mechanism.
  • Keep Learning new stuff. All industries do develop. Don’t forget to develop yourself to always be a suitable candidate for the position.
  • Ask for help when needed, but don’t ask redundantly same stuff as it is annoying to others. Write it down and return to your notes when needed.

job loss to avoid

  • Be thankful! Thankfulness goes a long way. Somebody invested his time and knowledge in you, doesn’t it deserve a sincere “Thank you!”?
  • Share! There is always someone new or someone who requires some advice or knowledge share. Please do! And do it in way you would like people to share with you. Don’t throw 20% of information you own…share it all! World is round, you know?! People more passionately help those who previously demonstrated the same attitude towards them.
  • Don’t gossip and don’t judge! Please don’t…that’s the worth path to be taken at any possible workplace.
  • Don’t be in a constant panic of loosing your job!!! That’s a very important point. I daily see people desperately afraid to lose their jobs. That’s an unbelievable level of stress to be handled. Try to conquer those thoughts and to focus on being good professionally. But, being good not because of loosing a job panic. Make it a consequence of interest toward your daily work tasks and responsibilities. Love what you do! Love what you are paid for! Be good in your career path and that will help you stop being constantly afraid to be terminated!

Job Loss Aftermath

And yes, sh*t happens, but the truth is that being knowledgeable in your professional field will allow you to find a new place fast enough and who knows, maybe it will even be a better one?! Sometimes we lose, but in a big picture we actually may gain!

Some people lose their job and that helps them to finally do what they always wanted but were afraid to start.

Sometimes, loosing a job helps to re-evaluate yourself and clearly understand what do you actually miss as a professional. Then you can work on it and return to the market in a way better shape as before.

Take an advantage of losing your job by making it an opportunity of finding a better one! ~ Hassan Choughari

Job Loss may look scary, but please try looking at it a bit globally and analyze why did it happen and what does it mean specifically for you. Maybe that’s you new beginning? Or a new path toward your growth? Just think about it…and move on!

Have you been in these shoes? Please share in comments your experience of loosing a job aftermath experience. What helped you to avoid drifting?


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