Egg Carton Turtle Craft

Egg Carton Turtle

We have a Saturday habit with Elizabeth. We go online to search new craft ideas for our crafts. Saturday is our official craft day. And who knew that Egg Carton can be so much fun?! Elizabeth is a 5 years old girl and there are lots of interesting and creative crafts with egg carton she can easily craft herself just following the instructions given. Today we are sharing an Egg Carton Turtle Craft. Little cute Turtle easy to make and awesome to play with after. 

In one of the following blog posts I will be sharing Egg Carton Flowers Tutorial. We recently did it and and the only help required from an adult side was to precut flower shapes from the Egg Carton.

Egg Carton Turtle Project Materials Required:

Egg Carton Turtle Craft


Egg Carton


Paint and Paint Brush

Green Cardboard

Pom Pom

Googly Eyes


Egg carton Turtle template by Emma Owl

How To make it? Super Easy:

Precut egg carton into individual shells. Print Turtle template and let your child cut it out. That’s a great motor skills practice! 

Paint Egg Carton shell. Using a School Glue attach your turtle body parts together. 

We had no green pompom, so we took a white cotton ball and simply painted it with the green colour. Same thing may be done in case you have no green carton in stock. 

  Happy Crafting!


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