cardboard tube bracelet craft

In our family Saturdays are craft days. We can do some crafty tasks during the week as well, but Saturdays are strictly reserved for that. We flip through the possible craft ideas and pick 2-3 that we will be working on today. Luckily our craft supplies “warehouse” has a pretty good stock, so there is no need to always plan next craft in advance. Today, I would like to share and interesting and not too much time consuming craft: BRACELET.

When finished, this bracelet indeed looks stylish!

Let’s see what you will need:

Cardboard Tubes (from toilet paper or paper towel cylinders )


Paint and Paint Brush

Trim or Ribbons

School Glue or Hot Glue under parent supervision

Colorful Buttons

cardboard tube bracelet craft

Step 1: Cut Out your bracelet

Cut open the cardboard tube in a straight line. Then, decide on your bracelet size and cut it.

Step 2: Painting

Paint your future bracelet both inside and out, then leave it to dry thoroughly. We painted in several coats for better coverage. In plus we were doing two bracelets simultaneously. While first one was drying we were working on second one.

Step 3: Decorating

Decorate bracelet by cutting the trim to fit your bracelet size. Run a line of glue down each length of ribbon and press. Then stick a row of buttons around the top and bottom edge, for example. We were using a glue gun with detailed instructions on how to use it prior to the project and constant adult supervision during it.

Step 4: Add an extra touch

Add sparkles of paint drops, for example. That’s exactly what we did. Applied watercolor paint to the brush and were gently hitting it so paint would sprinkle our bracelet adding cute blots to it. Then again, completely dried our new stylish accessory before wearing it.

I, myself was impressed with the result and find that this craft idea totally worth sharing with you!

Have a great crafty time,


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