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Probably, it is a time to write a bit about my amazing blogging journey. I reached a certain level and feel like ready to share my experience, fears, main “Whys” and were am I actually going.

Building something significant takes a lot of time. We easily overestimate what can be done within a year. And year can pass so quickly.

I started Elizevent Blog knowing almost nothing about how to build it and support. Wasn’t sure about how to write SEO passing content, how to set widgets, pick, install and successfully use plugins. But, I knew that that’s what I really want to do. I made a decision to start and learn on the go.

I’ve decide to build a blog around my interests, daily dreams, lifestyle, personal growth and parenting experiences.

I learn from others, make mistakes, am sometimes stuck with technical stuff and seek help. Some technical features take tons of time to be absorbed, understood and successfully implemented. As well I do change, so does my Blog.

I have bloggers to take example from and my personal targets set. And there is a lot to learn. But that makes my blogging journey more exiting and desired. Things around change, transform and develop daily. So does blogging.

There is an incredible amount of work involved in building a blog. Now I know that for sure. There is a need for consistent “doing” and not only content I am talking about now.

To create content consistently is vitally important for a blog success, but all that should be done with a dedicated work on other blog areas. Daily improving is a key to a progress and continuous future success.

Elizevent BloggingLately, I felt on my own skin one important thing of progressing: you can’t go solopreneur! You can’t do it ALL!

This is why I came to a conclusion to bring in support to help me do work. I am a strong believer, that it is important to be a good at the work you do. That’s why, for me, it is a priority to focus on things I do good. Aim is to develop those areas for a better, greater results. Obviously, we can learn new things, become good in those as well and that is totally amazing! But, time available for that unfortunately is limited. Especially, having family, kids and full time job on your plate. In plus, looking forward a quality product as a result equals collaborating with professionals who have many years of experience in the desired field. 

Therefore Elizevent is welcoming an amazing person and hard working professional Maria in our team. Maria specializes in Web Development: SEO, Web Design and Web Applications. Maria will help Elizevent to become better, faster and even more user-friendly. Way to go Elizevent!!! And thank you for joining our project, Maria!

blogging_Maria Web Developer

Thank you ALL for your valuable support, for your views and reviews! Thank you for following, reading and believing in Elizevent!

And yes, Sharing is Caring!



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    I admire every single step and attepmt you that you take dear Nina! Keep doing and going! Your best is good enough!!! Love you

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