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How dangerous Social Media can be? How many lives it can destroy or damage? And how many businesses it can burn to ashes?

What kind of groups our kids can become a part of? Do we have enough laws to control what can go viral?

Are we in a constant risk to be involved in things we do not want to belong as parents, human beings as husbands and wives?  What about those groups where any mental or psychologically unstable person can post anything about anyone for the fun of the crowd. And this crowd will meticulously “hit” the victim and make it feel as miserable as never before.

Aggressiveness, hate, bullying lately constitute a main part of conversations that meant to be supportive and comfort zones. All those attempts to show off better, happier, healthier, smarter on the chosen victim’s background lately represent a main obsession of majority posts and discussions.

In plus, social media became a huge “Time Loss” resort and main spot where people mainly spend their time with a minimum outcome of it. If we will set a timer and track how many hours per day we spend scrolling in our devices we will not believe the numbers, but that’s what it is.

In our days, people often complain about a time lack. And if you are among those who have not enough time to finalize all daily tasks, probably you simply need to put your phone away in order to stop constantly checking it.

I found absolutely useless debates on forums, fights and efforts to proof your point of view. Why would I spend my precious time arguing with strangers? Or why would I answer weird questions like: “your favorite color?”, “what year you were born?”, “Do you like avocado?” Honestly…no comments on these ones at all.

I completely understand that somebody does money on their groups (even though constantly saying that does it for free). That’s why they care less about whose life and reputation is getting ruined in a very same time while they are getting 900 comments.

But shouldn’t there be a limit? Shouldn’t the group’s admin before posting a terrible post ask himself a simple question first: “Will anyone be hurt after I hit the button “publish”?” And if the answer is “Yes!”, shouldn’t he stop?!

I removed from my life all drama and trauma online groups. Did it in order not to read all the crap, hate and anger flow. I’d rather look into my family members eyes and chat for real with them or read a book that will inevitably bring a portion of some useful output in my life. 

Social Media

I don’t consider social media as bad and only bad thing, no! Honestly, I do spend my time online as well. I love to follow creative and positive people, see their progresses and accomplishments. I like to scoop up ideas, share mine. Like to follow good, motivating and inspiring results.
Social media can help to discover new things you had no clue about earlier. And that’s why my feed’s choice are people who seed good, positive stuff. And only those I choose to follow.

This post is just a food for thought… This is what I feel and how I feel about Social Media in our days.

Wish you to have a great day in reality, not in the digital screen of your device all the time.



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