Crock A Doodle Georgina Visit and Review

Crock A Doodle Keswick, Ontario

Crock a Doodle location: 236 Dovedale Drive, Keswick, ON L4P 3E9

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We moved to Keswick, Ontario around 2 years ago and honestly, I can’t stop saying how happy we are with the decision taken. We have everything we need here and it is within easy walking / driving distance. Great selection and variety of kids activities like Gymnastics, Dance Classes, Martial Arts, Skating, Skiing, Skateboarding, Swimming Classes, Music Classes, Math Classes and many more are all near by us. We, as parents, do not spend hours driving our kids to activities and that saves us lots of quality family time.
Lately there are some new developments in our area and it resulted a Crock A Doodle location opening just near by Walmart store in Georgina, which means 3 minutes drive for us. So, we decided to visit this location with Elizabeth and share our honest review here. 
Crock A Doodle Keswick, Ontario
Crock A Doodle is a great place for kids and adults to paint together, progress motor and creativity skills, create bonding, chat together and have fun. Good thing is that you don’t need a reservation.
Place is spacious, bright and well maintained. There is a huge selection of figurines, plates, tiles and many, many more waiting to be painted. Cheapest ones start with $6 before tax and to me, that’s a super affordable time-together.

Crock A Doodle Keswick, Ontario

Hours of operation:

Hours of operation are perfectly suitable for us, as we try to have fun not only during the weekends, but during the  week days as well. So, Crock A Doodle hours during the week are as such: Tuesday-Friday 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM. Awesome! That’s exactly what we need.
This time, we painted 3 figurines and paid around $21 with Tax included. Our artworks now will be glazed & kiln-fired and in a couple of days ready to be picked up. We hardly wait, to be honest.

Here’s how pottery painting works with Crock A Doodle:

  • Pick a piece of pottery off the shelf (so many great pieces to choose from!)
  • The price is marked on the bottom, all inclusive of studio time, paints, glazing & kiln-firing
  • Plan your pottery design or follow one of offered in the studio (there are loads of amazing technique sheets)
  • Pick a palette of paint colours in variety of glazes available (Funstrokes, Fleckles or Simplicity Glazes)
  • Relax, have fun and doodle away
  • Leave your masterpiece in studio to be professionally glazed & kiln-fired
  • Then come back to pick it up!


Crock A Doodle’s assistant is amazing! She is indeed ready to help with every step of the way. Very attentive and has a great communicating skills with kids. Super friendly and calm.
We had an indeed fun and relaxing time and both of us hardly wait to return any time soon. Now I am thinking how great it will be to plan and organise a ladies night out there or moms and kids night with our friends. Need to pass ASAP this idea to them. 
As well noticed that Studio Drop-ins are always welcome. Will consider this option for future. But, honestly, I myself enjoyed painting so much, meaning drop-in might be not our case.
As a result, our experience was great! We are super happy to be a part of Georgina’s development progress and happy to support our local businesses. Crock a Doodle became one of our favourite creativity locations in Keswick.

Interesting information:

Crock A Doodle is Canada’s own pottery painting franchise. Franchise Fee $20,000 plus start-up costs, rent deposit, store build out, training, equipment and inventory for a total investment ranging from $75,000 – $120,000+. 10 year renewable franchise term, no royalties, 2% marketing fund contribution, protected market territory.

Have a creative day all of you!

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