Camping is awesome and worth trying. If you never did it before, because of:

a) It is “not your type” of time off

b) There is dirt everywhere and no showers

c) wild life scares you

d) there is no normal food

…and many, many other reasons. Just forget about them all AND give it a TRY!

Honestly, I was same. I kept saying, that that’s not my thing before even trying it. And even when I gave up and went for the first time with our 1 year old child who just started walking I was acting like cleaning freak for the first 24 hours (at least). I kept wiping our daughter with Kleenex, washing hands every 15 min, checking if it’s time to take shower, change cloth or maybe simply go home…

Our first camping lasted 4 nights and, I perfectly remember, when a couple of our friends came to visit us in the deep woods, on a third day, I guess . They came so fresh, perfectly hair brushed and there were us…with irremovable dirt under the nails. Masha (the visitor) sat in front of me and calmly told: “Oh, Camping is not for me.” I swear, I was ready to scream “Aaaaaaaaa…”

Yes, that’s exactly how I started my “camping career”. But you should see me now…I feel like camping like a pro is totally about our family. But, on our first camping adventure all we came with were: tent, couple of chairs, some food and some tableware. That’s it! And you should see us now, totally equipped and still adding new stuff yearly to have things organized even better.

Therefore, my article is purely for beginners in camping or those who don’t consider it as a fun weekend or even vacation option. I would like to share, why camping is awesome from my point of view.

  1. Fresh Air.

Doing Camping you are constantly on a fresh air. It benefits your entire body, nervous system, makes you happier, gives you more energy.

     2. There are decent washrooms and showers (mostly everywhere).

So, you will not look terrible all the time. And you, definitely, will go to sleep perfectly clean. Camping with small kids is a bliss. We took our daughter’s plastic Ikea bath tub and were thoroughly bathing her before bed time. Then, dressing her well in a hoodie, place in a stroller, cover with anti bugs net and voila, she is ready to sleep and we to enjoy a friend chat around the fire camp.

     3. You can have an awesome, healthy food while camping.I love cooking, therefore, for me cooking while camping is fun!

We purchased Coleman Camping stove in Canadian Tire and it totally worth it! Porridge, pancakes, variations of egg preparations for breakfast. Variety of soups, pastas, vegetable stews for lunch. We even did strawberry jam while camping! We do cook on both: on stove and on fire.

      4. It is amazing to become so close to nature for a short period of time.

Once, while camping, a heavy rain started during the night. With thunder and lightning. I will remember that night forever and not because of fear or of being terrified, but because of how powerful it was. We indeed felt as being a part of nature.

I love waking up early while the entire camp still sleeps. There is something special to me in this morning quietness at the forest. I love having a fresh cup of tea being wrapped in a cozy blanket.


Love evenings with fireworks at the beach and fire on the camp side. Love our bicycle trails among other camp sites, huge trees, lakeside, narrow forest paths and incredible views from different points of the park. Those moments are precious.

      5. Being away from form all gadgets and even your phone is like a “System reboot”.

Majority of us are so dependent on those, that might even feel depressive about not having it handy or working properly. Most probably,

your internet will not work there at all. Sure thing, you may grab some tablets loaded with movies, games and so on, but I personally don’t recommend that. Unfortunately, we tend to stop noticing how many beautiful and real thing are around us, because our eyes are constantly in our devices. We tend to forget how to relax and how not to grab each 3rd minute a phone to check something online. We became totally hooked and dependent on virtual reality. Camping can treat it! It can bring us back to REAL reality!

      6. Nearby Farmers Markets with plenty of organic and locally grown food. 

I love buying fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs from locals. We even cook our own Strawberry Jam while camping. As well, flea markets are my passion. And, in Canada,  there is always one available nearby a campsite.

      7. Camping has a totally positive influence toward our kids!

I, personally, never saw a grumpy child while camping. They are so happy and constantly in a discovery mode. Kids are playing and getting along with each other way better. They invent new games, spend tons of quality time with their family and friends biding a connection bond based on awesome memories while camping.

  I race my both hands for Camping! Hope, If you were in doubts before reading my article, hope, now you are interested in booking a campside to spend a precious time with your family and friends!

Have Fun,

Nina #elizevent

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