I’m just very thankful. And I say that a lot because that’s the most important message. ~ Pharrell Williams

I think we all should not forget to be thankful for everything we have. And that’s how I want to start my today’s article. I would like to bring awareness toward tons of people underestimating how actually happy they are. How rich they are. And talking about the “rich” I mean money at the latest.

Please look around and if you have someone to hug as your family member, your precious husband/wife and kids, your kind friends, your pet you already are rich.

You have people sincerely happy for your successes? Extremely rich you are!

You are healthy, you walk on your own, physically independent? Appreciate that!

And please use your abilities: walk, dance, swim, run, exercise and become even more happy through that. Active lifestyle definitely brigs more sense and happiness into your life.

Don’t take things for granted.

If someone is nice or kind to you today, do not demand same attitude forever without giving anything back. Thank everyone who ever did something good to you. Help to anyone who needs your help and is in your helping abilities. We can become millions time happier by surrounding us with the right and kind people. People who will teach you how to become a better person. People who one day will take an example from you as well. I have lots of friends in different parts of the world, I pray for each one of them. I do not judge and don’t expect anything from them. But, the main part of them, part I call “my people” are always there for me as I am always there for them.

“Thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment that causes peace.” ~Todd Stocker

Be thankful when someone tells you that you are not right, not kind or nice anymore.

That means you matter something to this person and he believes that you can be better, that you are better. You need these kind people in your circle, because they first will indicate when you started losing your way.

Be thankful when someone cares about you.

Don’t try finding the bad reason why he or she is doing that. Accept that some people are simply kind and nice. And that they do good things for free, just because they care.

I am extremely thankful for every tiny detail in my life. Thankful for each small or huge accomplishment. I try celebrating every good little thing and do not focus on bad stuff.

Thankfull for little things

To tell you more, we even need to be thankful for our fails, because often they bring us higher (later).

Our failures give us a valuable lessons that can help us succeed on a next trial. And I, 100% believe in that as I have my own life examples. Eliminate a worth habit ever of blaming others in your failures.

We attract what we emit.

And we get what we are the most worried about. Being negative, constantly complaining person is hard to attract positive people, stories, life events in your own life. When you are focused on negative stuff, mainly negative stuff around is noticed and attracted in your daily life. Being thankful and positive you mainly notice good things around. Therefore, accept negative situations (they do happen with positive thinkers as well) as given experience and work through those effectively. You learn your lessons, forget about negative incidents almost immediately and don’t share you bad story for 50 times in a row to avoid rubbing through this negativity again and again.

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. ~ Oprah Winfrey

With all my heart, I am trying to share how important is to reflect positive energy. How kindness, supportiveness and encouragements toward others fill you with “positive vibes”.

Share, Listen, Forgive and Live your own life today! Don’t count what others have or don’t have! Dream BIG and Be Brave! Try to live in a comfort with yourself. Believe me, it is possible.

Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining – it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn’t solve any problems. ~ Zig Ziglar

Nina #elizevent

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