Study Tips for Effective Learning.

study tips for effective learning

How to find studying motivation? Have to learn in time all material needed? How to keep it in your head? There are study tips that do work! There are tactics that help!

Use these study tips, techniques and learn all materials in time:

  1. Establish a dead line. If that is an exam in University, obviously you will know the X date. But, if that is a license or some other certification that you plan to pass yourself you definitely need to establish a deadline date. Decide on it, circle in your calendar and move from there.
  2. Divide your material in manageable chunks. Extremely important part. Known fact is that we sometimes can’t start because we have no clue where to start and material volume is significant. Grab all material that scares you to death (hopefully not that much) and divide it based on your dead line. Example: I have 100 questions to prepare and have 15 days for that. I divide it as follows: 10 questions per day. As a result, I am left with extra 5 days available. Those are “amortization” days I usually use to repeat the material or for some events to attend.
  3. Do not leave it for tomorrow! Don’t think that tomorrow will be a better day and you will learn double and cover your lazy day of yesterday. Things do not work this way. Do it today!
  4. Decide what other daily routines could be skipped and save more time for studying.
  5. Have breaks. When you learn your daily batch of material you need to have breaks in between. The best break is a change of activities or a simple nap (if you can afford it).
  6. Eat More veggies and fruits. Feed your body and brain!
  7. Be on a fresh air. Walk. Our brain needs oxygen. And there is a theory stating that while walking it works better and generates more ideas. If interested, read more about it on Scientific American and Creative Something.
  1. Remove anything that disturbs. Social media, emails, Skype, Chats. Turn of anything that can destruct from learning.
  2. Push yourself and feel really good when job is done! I extremely love that feeling when today’s mental task is finalized.

Have your own study tips? You are more than welcome to share them in comments below. Thank you!

Good Luck in learning!


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