Peppa Pig Party Ideas and Free printables.

Peppa Pig Party

Peppa Pig is a well known character from the British cartoon. She lives with her family: Mama Pig, Papa Pig and a little brother George. Peppa is a lovable, cheeky little piggy who loves to play and discover new things. My daughter loves this cartoon and there were no discussions on what theme her Birthday Party will be! Definitely, Peppa Pig Party!

At the end, we even had two sweet tables setup (one indoor and another outdoor) and two different cakes baked.

Peppa Pig Sweet Table Peppa Pig Cake

 Peppa Pig Party Checklist:

  1. Peppa Pig Themed plates, cups, napkins, and decorations. Tip: Buy pink cups and draw a pig snout at the base.
  2. Peppa Pig Costumes and Masks.
  3. Personalized Peppa Pig t-shirts for family members and friends. I found a good seller on Etsy with great prices for t-shirt heat transfers.
  4. Peppa Pig Pinata.
  5. Muddy Puddles Jumping.
  6. Peppa Pig Water-transfer Tattoos.
  7. Peppa Pig Coloring Pages. Free to download at official Peppa Pig’s Website.
  8. Indoor and outdoor activities. Activity Maker is here.
  9. Peppa Pig Mascot as a part of “Meet Peppa Pig” activity.
  10. Food Labels. The Purple Pumpkin Blog shares lots of free printables together with Free ready made food labels as well as blank labels to feel your own party names. Tip: Slice cucumber in Circles and punch two holes in center (with a straw). As a result, you will have lots pig snouts and kind love cucumbers.
  11. Water Bottle Labels. Free and easy to download could be found on HaleGrafx together with Free printable cupcake toppers.
  12. Party Favors.
  13. “Birthday Interview” Peppa Pig themed questions for a birthday girl. I found free and ready to be printed on Birthday Party Ideas 4 U.

Peppa Pig Cupcakes

Peppa Pig Birthday Party

Peppa Pig CakePeppa Pig Cake


You are so welcome to share you Peppa Pig Party Ideas, Findings, Tips and Links in comments as well as to ask additional questions on this topic.

Have a great Party,



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