5 Tips to become a more Quality Person and Balance Your Life

Qality Person

We often hear: “He/she is a quality person” or “He/she is not a quality person” and we know that by “quality” is meant more than just being a good one.

“Quality”, in this case, means a complex of personal characteristics and life style habits. Being a quality person you have more chances of having your life more balanced, suiting and satisfying you.

I find this 5 Tips extremely helpful in achieving it:

1. De-clutter your home.

Extremely important thing. If you want a quality life you need Quality brought to your home, your space. Stop overloading your shelves, tops of your shelves, your each and every available space and corner. All that overloads your life with useless things live no space for NEW valuables.
It’s time to give things away, to throw things away. Simple questions like, do I really need this? Do I use it regularly? Do I love it? will help you decide on what should be gone.

Not less important is to stop buying useless, small and cheap stuff. Believe me, after not buying 5 cheap interior decorating pieces you will be able to become an owner of a statement decorating piece. Piece that will add an extra touch to your home instead of cluttering it and becoming a dust collector.

Chatelaine shares more than 100 tips and tricks to help you organize your home and create a more functional and stress-free environment.

2. Love what you DO!

Unfortunately, there are so many people absorbed by jobs they hate.  People simply tired from routines they are living in. Tons of people say that there is no time for hobby or life changes. I have to object here.
I found that, if you really want there is always time, possibility and lots of reasons to:
~ work where you love to work
~ have a hobby that brightens your days.

And if you are not motivated to move forward, learn new things or even change your career, allow me to tell you why you should be: We spend more than a half of our lives AT WORK. So, does it make sense to hate more than half of your life? THE ONLY ONE LIFE YOU HAVE?
Therefore think about it and don’t be afraid to completely change everything. Act now, because if you want a quality and balanced life you need to love what you do on a daily basis.

3. Be HAPPY!

Aha, please be! Find reasons, places and people that make you happy. Eliminate everyone who doesn’t make you feel that way, who constantly complains, who is aggressive or unrespectful.
Remember, we live ones and every moment is precious.

4. Eat quality food.

By quality I just mean quality. Not gourmet and extremely expensive food. During Farmers markets shop every Saturday/Sunday there. Choose fresh and grown with love and care veggies, fruits, berries, diary products and meat. All year long choose quality over quantity.

5. Exercise.

Be Active. Be Healthy.

Become a Quality Person!

~ be better
~ be thankful
~ read and learn new things daily
~ share (info, goods, happiness)
~ encourage, help and motivate others
~ do not envy. Achieve yourself!



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    Binoculars, you are amazing!!! I’m really proud of you my friend!!! Keep going this way, just don’t forget about all of us behind .☺

  2. 2

    Ninochka, you are amazing!!! I’m really proud of you my friend!!! Keep going this way, just don’t forget about all of us behind.☺

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