Baked Cutlets

Today I would like to share an easy and delicious recipe of baked cutlets. I love meat and don’t imagine myself living without it so far.  As well, I think there is nothing better than a home made meals. Therefore I cook almost daily.That’s why I have some fast, easy and delicious recipes recipes for my “after work cooking”.

Today, I would like to present baked cutlets that can be prepared from any kind of meat. Usually, I try to add as many vegetables as possible to the mixture.

I bought a fresh Ground Turkey yesterday and realized how badly I want some baked and juicy cutlets. Yes, I don’t fry them, I BAKE! It’s healthier and less messy at the end. And, in plus, baking them saves a lot of time. Precious time!

For Baked Cutlets you will need:

500 gr of Ground Turkey

Onion – 1 pc

Carrot – 1 pc

Medium Potato – 1pc

Large Egg – 1 pc

100 grams of dried bread or 1-2 slices



Flavored Olive Oil

Parchment paper

In Ground Turkey you need to add already chopped (I bought a simple food chopper in Canadian Tire for 10$ and it is already with me for 3 years) onion, carrot, potato. Mix it well.

I add bread to make cutlets softer. Please don’t use bread for toasts, it will not work. I bake my bread and usually have some leftovers which are transferred in delicious crackers or used for cutlets as today. So, Bread has to be soaked in milk or water if there is no milk in your fridge right now. Then, squeeze all the liquid from your bread and chop it as well. Add your bread, egg, salt and pepper and mix all ingredients well. It already smells amazing!

Prepare your oven-pan with a parchment paper on it, pour some flavored olive oil in a small plate, wash your hands, deep them in the oil start rolling and placing your cutlets to the oven-pan.

Cutlets ready for the owen

Then, Place them in preheated oven (375F) and bake for 45min.

I am sure, you will love these juicy and tastefully baked cutlets! And that’s a great food for a kids school lunchboxes 😉

If you are looking for alternative Vegetarian Cutlets Recipe, then I encourage you to try the one, shared by Sharims Passions.

Have a nice day and enjoy your delicious baked cutlets!


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