Welcome to Elizevent Blog

Hi there and WELCOME to Elizevent Blog.

My Name is Nina and I am so happy to have you here. I was born in Republic of Moldova. For several happy years of my life used to live in Cyprus and Romania. Currently, my home is Canada and I am deeply thankfull for that.

I dream a lot, plan a lot, work hard and travel as much as I can during the certain period of time. I work full time in an IT field as a Quality Assurance Analyst and I enjoy my every single day at work.

Truly believe that positiveness helps to live better. Hard work and persistence leads to progressive results. Kindness and forgiveness return a strong circle of “my people” and willingness to share valuable thoughts, ideas, findings will inevitably result new friends for Elizevent (promise to try hard 🙂 )

Elizevent Blog is a place, where I share my passion for cooking and baking, party planning, interesting, effective and organized life style, personal growth, travel and creativity.

Therefore, this blog was created to be a place for inspiring ideas, projects and findings. Place for motivational and pushing to move forward articles.

To have my own blog was a long time dream that, one day, became a reality. I meticulously select content for each and every topic posted to deliver quality information and save your web browsing time.

Here, I share what I’ve learned and what discovered. Share my worries, hopes, wishes and goals.

Of course, it is a bit about me, my family, my life perception and important moments that happen with me and touched me at some point.

I want you to feel good and comfortable here. Want you to return again and again as if you you are visiting your good old friend.

I encourage you to let me know what articles are in the area of your interest and you want me to write about. I invite you to comment on my blog posts and share your thoughts, experience and ideas with me and other readers.

And here is a main message from Elizevent:

“Be Inspired and Creative! Be Happy, Healthy and Motivated on a daily basis. Do what you love. Be thankful for everyone and everything you have in your life. Share you happiness, time and positiveness with others. Do not forget about yourself. You are awesome just the way you are!”

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